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Perhaps your project can't be brought to us. That's okay, we'll come to you.

At Backstage, we understand that some projects require a team of technicians to be on on-site. We’ve built out a robust offering that covers collection management, reclassification, RFID tagging, on-site digitization, and cataloging. We understand that each on-site project is unique, so we’ve developed a process that allows us to provide efficient, flexible collection management. 

Check out our On-Site Process:

Collection Management

Inventory Plus

Many libraries haven’t performed a full inventory of their collections in more than a decade. After all, who has the time? As part of your assessment and collection management plan, Backstage can take on the daunting task of inventorying your collections.

Because we specialize in serving the unique needs of libraries, we offer a wide range of additional services for expanding your inventory project—the plus in inventory plus, if you will—to accomplish more of your collection management goals.

A New Call Number in Every Record, on Every Book


Has your collection outgrown its classification system? Do you have materials organized in a locally created schema, an outdated version of Dewey Decimal, or an abbreviated rendition of Library of Congress Classification? Whatever your reason for changing, the process involves two parts: first, reclassifying the data, then relabeling and reshelving the physical collection.

Our Reclassification process has three phases, click the infographic to the right to learn more.

On-Site Implementation for Your Entire Collection

RFID Tagging

RFID systems promise gains in efficiency and privacy at checkout, the potential for automated sorting on returns, and advantages in security and collection management. But your new RFID system doesn’t function until every book, every media case, every item in your collection has a tag in place and properly encoded.

Backstage crews can tag your collection quickly and encode labels accurately without requiring your staff to leave their day jobs or your library to close its doors during implementation. We work efficiently, quietly, and unobtrusively to get the job done whether you have a collection of 100,000 books in a single location or millions of items spread across multiple branches.

RFID Tagging

Our Studio at Your Location

On-Site Digitization

Do you have a collection to digitize that can’t be sent out? We’re prepared to bring digital imaging to your doorstep. At Backstage, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to anything. We recognize that a digitization project means dealing with your special collections, and we know they’re called special for a reason.

We’ll collaborate with you to craft an on-site project plan to meet the requirements of your materials, policies, timeframes, and budget. We’ll bring the equipment and personnel to process short-term engagements for specific collections or set up semi-permanent digitization studios to manage ongoing workflows.

Regardless of the scale and scope of your plans, we’re committed to producing the archival quality digital images that your special collections deserve.


Metadata Capture and Creation


Whether your special collections include rare books that need to be cataloged, maps, photographs, or Tibetan scrolls, if the materials can’t travel, we can come to you.

Our skilled catalogers can create original MARC records, finding aids, or other descriptive metadata to fit your specifications. We can build metadata as simple or as rich as you’d like, operating with item-in-hand at your institution or creating digital surrogates of key pages on-site for catalogers in our offices to reference in creating your records.

GSA Schedule Logo

Government Procurement

GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract

Backstage Library Works is a multiple award schedule (MAS) contractor with GSA schedules for inventory, collection preparation, and digitization services. You can find us under contract number 47QSMA22D08Q2.

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