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Backstage Library Works believes social responsibility and accountability for the impact that we have on all aspects of society, including economic, social and environmental. We stand to make a change in how we serve those around us; how we respect our environment and its needs to thrive; and in the day-to-day, valuable interactions with our colleagues.

To deliver on this belief, we’ve developed a CSR committee. Our committee meets every month to discuss ways to support our communities, colleagues, and our environment. Backstage is made up of passionate individuals who want to use their skills and experiences to shape the world. There’s more to life than books – there’s also the experiences and relationships that shape the story of our lives and the legacy we leave behind. 


Sustainability: We focus on sustainability by being responsible with sourcing our supplies and recycling where possible, including newspapers, microfilming chemicals, and shipping boxes.

Equity and Inclusion: At Backstage, we actively engage in promoting equity and inclusion through responsible business practices.

Continuous Improvement: Backstage is driven by its values with dedication to community, collaboration, ethical employment, and professional commitment as we continue to grow.


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