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Many collections are waiting for their day in the spotlight. Archival service has many branches – from initial surveying, to document preparation, to description, and ongoing maintenance, the amount of work required to get the process so much as started can feel gargantuan. Backstage offers a solution that pairs our time-honored tradition of collaboration alongside our partner institutions with agile and efficient archiving workflows.


modular-processing solutions

Collection Processing

We have the solution for archives with seemingly unbearable backlogs, untouched collections of materials, collections that need updated metadata, and anything in between. Any collection can go from being a pile of papers, folders, and boxes to an organized collection that gives both the holder and users unmatched intellectual access.

Our program is unique as we start with baseline processing and allow you to build the remainder of the project’s goals in a modular approach. All projects will be arranged and conclude with an inventory list – but, depending on the unique needs of your collection, you can add-on additional handling such as appraisal, basic document preservation, finding aid generation, and more.


A collection of gears, some set aside while others are placed in tandem with 'baseline processing', illustrate the modular nature of Backstage's archival processing solution: re-housing, finding-aids, EAD, inventory list, on-site processing, appraisal, arrangement, weeding, de-duplication, printed labeling, paperclip & staple removal, retention scheduling, customized processing, microfilming, subject analysis, and digitization.


Collection Assessment

Unprocessed collections and those that, while established, have had mixed, varied, or incomplete processing may benefit from an overall assessment. In our experience, projects always go smoothest when everything is accounted for, allowing for the most complete picture so that project profiles and planning touch all the elements.

This macro-level assessment will examine your collection’s scope and size, make note of any damage, housing issues, and related concerns, as well as generally document the types of material in the collection. This review is conducted by an expert Archival Project Manager who will travel on-site and produce a report on their findings.

This is a great solution for archives that are trying to explore grants, budgeting, or are trying to evaluate potential gift collections for acceptance. The process is quick: we predict 1-500 linear feet collections taking a week to assess, two weeks for 501-1,000 linear feet, and three weeks for those nearing 1,500 linear feet.


On-Site Services

If your collection can’t move, we’ll employ the same strategy we use in our tried-and-true On-Site project approach. With different options for management and oversight, we’ll travel to you to complete the project locally.

Some projects may benefit from a single Archival Project Manager staying On-Site to complete the project while others need a team of trained technicians to carry out labor-intensive tasks. Our solutions fit the needs of your collection while also managing the realities of budgets.

To learn more about what structure would best suit your processing plan, contact us and we’ll help give you an idea as to workflows and costs – no strings attached.

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