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Introducing Project Cat²aloger

You may have seen by now that Backstage intends to expand its cataloging unit this year with a new office space. 4000 square feet will be added to our Bethlehem operations, and we’ll have more pictures and updates as construction nears completion.

What you won’t have heard about until today is Backstage’s revolutionary new approach to cataloging. While many organizations have been focused on exploring the potentials of AI and machine learning in the library setting, our Collection Management department has been preparing a new generation of cataloging technicians who will be moving into our new office location. Project Cat²aloger offers full certification to add, edit, and maintain bibliographic records in your library to those whose legacy is already well intertwined in the wellness of libraries and librarians alike.

You guessed it. It’s time for our beloved cats to take their spotlight.

This Metadata Solution Has Got Us Feline Alright

“They’ve got a great eye for detail, and the rest of the team is really going to miss them when they move into their new office space.”

When the plans for Project Cat²aloger were first announced, Jake Bastian, head of the Collection Management department, had some reservations. “Well – it’s just that we’re an archival facility,” he explained in a recent interview. “No offense to the Cat²aloging team, but cats are kind of known for, well, being anything but archival.”

Backstage’s new Cat²aloging certification helps train felines to focus scratching, grooming, and playing behaviors away from library materials. The program helps hone their natural skills of observation, focus, and routine to the practice of world-class cataloging. Project Cat²aloger has been underway at Backstage for nine months and we’ve developed an amazing team.

“I think the adjustments to their new office space are going to help their productivity and wellness,” concluded Jake. The new office space will not only feature new work and storage spaces, but also:

  • An updated breakroom with automatic can openers
  • Exercise space with feather wands, treadmills, and cat scratch poles
  • Sun-facing windows

We look forward to being able to offer tours of our state-of-the-art new facility.

Introducing the Cat²aloging Team

Phoenix is the supervisor of our Cat²aloging unit. A member of the program since its inception, Phoenix knows her stuff inside and out. She keeps an eye out for all types of cataloging errors, especially typos. While she may seem stern, sporting a resting cat face, her colleagues regard her as being exceptionally friendly.

Cataloging Focus: Monographs

Interests: The Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Boots likes to be prepared for anything, whether it’s a new project, snack time, or a team-building game of hide-and-seek.

Cataloging Focus: CDs – he has always loved the way they reflect a patch of light that moves around on the ceiling.

Interests: Engaging in a healthy work-life balance: lots of focus and curiosity during the day, and a little nap to get through the afternoon.

Don’t let Reggie’s regal and “stiff upper lip” look fool you. He’s a cataloger who must know everything about what he, and you, are cataloging. While he may not have the best understanding of personal space, you can be certain he will get as close as possible to the materials he’s working on, just to get the best look possible.

Cataloging Focus: Authority Control, Special Collections

Interests: Voraciously curious, voraciously hungry for new snacks.

Skittles can always be found at the desks closest to windows. Methodical and precise, she takes her time reviewing her work, enjoying the afternoon sun through the window to get her through the mid-day slump.

Cataloging Focus: Serials – Newspapers are very comfortable.

Interests: While not much for the outdoors, she could spend countless hours observing passerby, birds, and flowers at the window.

Django can typically be found working steadily to her favorite music and is the foremost specialist in audio and scores cataloging. Prior to her arrival to Backstage’s Cat²aloging unit, Django was known to frequent the local music scene and we’re proud to have her expertise.

Cataloging Focus: Audio and Scores Cataloging

Interests: American folk music is her passion, particularly music featuring the banjolele. Notably, she has no interest in guitar.

S’mores is a quiet member of the Cat²aloging staff, but has a wealth of knowledge related to DCRMB and the handling of fragile materials. He’s known to be on top of everything in the office, including the keyboards.

Cataloging Focus: Rare/Fragile Materials, Vinyl Records Cataloging

Interests: Despite a stern demeanor, S’mores loves to talk about wrestling – a sport he practices frequently with his brother.

Inventory control and physical processing is handled by a dynamic duo: The Fresno Nightcrawler (left) and Mothman (right) are diligent to examine every nook and cranny of every box received by our Cat²aloging unit.

Interests: Frez and Mothy are known for their love of science fiction and fantasy literature. While Mothy is the more outgoing of the pair, frequently recommending ghost hunt trips for company activities, Frez is always willing to stand by and support his team.

Cat²aloging Certifications A Huge Success

Our nine months of research and development have led us to today: we are proud to award our eight permanent Cat²aloging staff members their very own Meowsters of Information & Library Science.

To learn more about Backstage’s Cat²aloging team, or to request more information about acquiring MeowILS certification, call us at 1.800.288.1265, visit us online at, or send an email to We hope you have a marvelous April Fools day.

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