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Digitization, Metadata, and CONTENTdm: Partnering to Build Your Digital Collections

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When preparing to outsource a digitization project, what exactly should you expect? What advantages does your vendor bring to the table? Which steps will you outsource, and which steps might your staff handle in-house to reduce costs? In this webinar, Caitlin Costalas, digitization project manager at Backstage Library Works, and Kelly Barrall, vice president of digitization services, offer a vendor perspective on preparing for digitization projects. They’ll also answer your questions. Topics include:
  • Identifying your audience so you can plan to meet your users’ needs.
  • Organizing your collection to minimize material preparation costs from your vendor.
  • Leveraging a vendor’s capacity to scale up digital image production.
  • Choosing sources of metadata and defining what information will be collected.
  • Working with a vendor to build your CONTENTdm collection.

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