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More Product, Less Process, and New Normal

“Would something be lost by beginning to privilege the speed of processing over the careful examination of every document? Certainly. Our question is whether we might not gain much more than we would lose.” – Mark A. Greene and Dennis Meissner * Greene & Meissner’s paper in 2005 titled More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional […]

Day-To-Day Responsibilities of an On-Site Project Manager

Projects come in many shapes and sizes. Some can be sent off-site for cataloging and other maintenance. Some are too large, or too fragile, to move; or, the type of work is such that it must be performed at your library, such as an inventory or massive RFID tagging project. In these cases, Backstage is […]

4 Ways to Lighten Your Collections Management Workload

Collection management projects like RFID tagging, reclassification, inventory, and moving may involve handling nearly every item in a library’s collection. To meet your library’s project requirements, we offer four tiers of on-site services.

A Simple Guide to Weeding your Library

Weeding, or deaccessioning, is the process of permanently removing an item from a library’s collection. A careful weeding plan is an integral part of keeping our libraries trusted sources of current information and library professionals work hard to curate their collections. Weeding policies are frequently tailored to the separate needs of public, academic, and school […]

Things to Consider When Planning Your RFID Tagging Project

Adding RFID to your library collection can be a huge boon to both library staff and your patrons. Self-checkout stations using RFID can improve checkout rates while limiting exposure and reducing strain on staff. RFID also makes inventory a breeze, while also allowing staff to scan shelves quickly and easily for missing books. With the […]

Top Questions When Considering Reclassification

Converting your library from one classification system to another can be an arduous task. Backstage helps make the challenge easier by walking you through the processes and using our experience to identify potential pitfalls.  However, these conversations usually start with the same standard questions from our clients. Here is an overview of the most common […]

Worrying about legacy tags as you plan your new RFID project?

RFID tag

RFID tags have been used in libraries for decades, but current open source ISO standards weren’t developed until 2005, and these became the official standards in 2011. This means some early adopters find themselves with legacy RFID tags that won’t integrate with modern systems. As those libraries look to transition to new technology, there must […]

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