On-Site Services

Okay. Okay. So you don't want to ship your collection off in crates.
Or maybe your project just doesn't lend itself to the 'out' part of outsourcing.

Backstage offers a range of on-site library services.

On-Site Services

From sending our project manager to meet with yours as a consultant to staffing and managing an entire conversion project at your library, our expertise is available to fit your needs.

On-site profiling is an option that allows your people to meet directly with a Backstage Library Works project manager to clarify the unique features of your project. Working together on-location, we can together create a comprehensive profile of your institution's requirements.

On-site conversion can involve an irreplaceable special collection that needs careful handling for microfilming or digitization. Or it might be relabeling an entire multi-branch library system with RFID tags, or reclassifying your holdings to Library of Congress or another classification system.

On-site card scanning is perhaps our oldest roving service. By having a Backstage technician capture images of your card catalog at the beginning of a retrospective conversion project, you ensure the safety of existing records and allow library staff continuous access to the source documents while we work off-site (backstage, as it were) to produce up-to-date MARC records from the digital image files.

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