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Launching a Successful Digital Archives Initiative

about this presentation

Distance learning is an increasingly important tool for connecting academic and cultural institutions with their communities. Librarians and archivists who interact with distance learners extend the impact, reach, and value of their analog archival collections through digitization. This webinar is a joint presentation featuring Kelly Barrall from Backstage Library Works with Katie Gambone and Jessica Kowalski from Adam Matthew Digital’s Quartex team. They discuss key steps your institution should consider to successfully launch a digital archives initiative and the role vendors can play in accelerating the process of making this digital content available to your users. About Quartex — Adam Matthew Digital is an award-winning publisher of primary source content with 30 years’ experience curating and showcasing archival collections. Through this experience, we have developed Quartex, a platform designed to help libraries, archives, and other heritage institutions showcase, share, and celebrate their digital collections.

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