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It’s all about access. Backstage services help you optimize patron access to your library’s collections. We have solutions for digitization and preservation microfilm, authority control and database enrichment, RDA enrichment and linked data URIs, cataloging and non-MARC metadata, and on-site services from inventory review to RFID tagging.

Backstage is a one-stop solution for a huge variety of library needs. We customize our project profiles to fit the unique needs and interests of each institution we partner with. Backstage is made up of a team of professionals and librarians who care about what they do, and we’re excited to work with you.

Our Services


Offering cataloging solutions in MARC and non-MARC formats; for English or non-English, all the way up to complicated non-Roman languages; and with drop-shipment solutions for LC-Coop or Shelf-Ready acquisitions.
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Generate access to your collection by partnering with us – we have state-of-the-art cameras and proudly offer full-service imaging for a range of formats and sizes as well as digital metadata creation and assistance preparing files for load into your DAM.
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Offering standard microfilming solutions of newspapers and other format materials as well as duplication, storage of reels under RLG guidelines, “vinegar syndrome” consultation, and one-of-a-kind SilverLock polysulfide treatment.
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Basefile or ongoing authority control processing is only the start – we can also help deduplicate your records, automate copy cataloging, reclassify your collection, decolonize your subject headings, and consult with you on your database conversion.
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Some jobs are just best performed on location. Choose your preferred level of interaction with the project and let us take care of RFID tagging, reclassification (labeling and reorganization), moving project, or evaluating & repairing your inventory.
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* The exceptions to the 10% discount include:

  • Automation: Authority control ongoing services
  • All services: Established projects with custom pricing

  • Competitive Bid (RFP): In instances where a competitive bid situation may arise on any of the above services, Backstage may disallow discount pricing on an as-needed basis. This allows us to compete on pricing outside the constraints of any discount pricing agreement. Backstage will notify the institution that the bid response has replaced the discount.

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