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Backstage Looking Ahead… Newer and Stronger Services in 2023

2022 was a big year for Backstage. We celebrated some major achievements, like becoming General Services Association (GSA) certified for digitization and collection management. We introduced a new department with our Archival Service solutions. We saw and filled a need in the library community with options for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) geared authority control maintenance.

And just like that, snap! – we’re into a new year. Even as we celebrate the accomplishments of our teams, it’s time to look forward again. The world is ever-changing, and the library community is ever adapting. That means we need to keep growing, improving, and thinking ahead to how best we may serve our communities. Here’s what we can expect from 2023.

Data Management with Authority Control and Metadata Services

Last year brought a large breakthrough in adaptability for library DEI projects with options to add broader LGBTQ terminology and more accurate Indigenous Persons access points. These term-sheets will continue to be tweaked and we’ll be working with libraries around the world to provide additional access points in line with their own DEI initiatives. Additional and improved thesauri will be one of our major goals for the year. 

We will start looking at a brand-new process to convert LCSH into Spanish by utilizing two readily available Spanish language Authority Files. We will also be kick-starting a new reclassification solution over the year with pilot projects to convert library catalogs over to BISAC-like word-based systems.

2022 showed a marked increase in demand for simple order-to-shelf processing. Backstage has partnered with more publisher clients, and in doing so, our Metadata services team will be focusing on additional strategies and improvements to our Shelf-Ready Processing program. Likewise, we’re always looking for more non-English and non-Roman cataloging experts to join our team.

Collection Management with Archival and On-Site Services

BISAC isn’t the only effort we’re making in improving reclassification in 2023. Improved workflows, documentation, and resources will be available throughout the year to help educate and streamline the process for migrating a collection over to a new classification system. The primary goal of our On-Site department this year is “ease of access,” and this goal will cross over into our Archival Services department as well.

Preservation and Access through Digitization and Microfilm Services

Following the 2020 Covid Pandemic and the growing push towards digitization (M-19-21 and more), our studios have been expanding. Our studio in Provo, Utah is slated to begin new projects this year and staffing in our Bethlehem office continues to grow. Our primary goal in 2023 will be expanding to take on more of your pressing digitization projects as well as offering simple, quick solutions for providing JPEG access files of any materials receiving archival microfilming.

Speaking of, your archival microfilm will be able to enjoy more room as we expand our storage solutions. We will also be looking into ways we can work with and educate libraries about acetate microfilm. Acetate presents many problems for long-term storage, and we aim to share the ways you can identify it and get it duplicated to long-lasting polyester film.

Resources and Tools, Free

Blogs and Case Studies can tell you a lot about how Backstage operates, but we would like to share the tools and processes that we’ve picked up over the course of our company’s history with you. Follow us on social media and join our mailing list to watch our resources pages expand to include FAQs, downloadable guides, and more. And just as a reminder, our webinars are archived and free to watch. Please take advantage of them!

It’s going to be another exciting year and we can’t wait to share it with you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1.800.288.1265, visit us online at, or send an email to

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