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You’ve created archival microfilm from your original source materials. Your microfilm collection is a valuable asset to your researchers. Once properly created and processed, microforms require very little active preservation beyond storage, careful handling, and occasional surveying to evaluate condition. Keeping master reels safe and accessible is a key element of your collection management strategy.  You have followed archival preservation standards to create your microfilm. Now you need to consider what standards to follow in storing your archival microfilm reels. 

Storage is an important part of the preservation plan for your institution’s unique resources. When selecting a partner for your microfilm storage needs, consider the following experience:

Trusted vendor

A partner that has technicians trained in microfilm handling and storage standards from ANSI, the Library of Congress United States Newspaper Program (USNP), and the Research Libraries Group (RLG) standards on storage of microfilm. Maintenance of a secure facility with keycard entry as well as secured-door storage areas. Established history of following guidelines and the ability to provide references from current clients.

Capacity for growth

A partner that has capacity to store more reels as your microfilm collection continues to grow. Who maintains transparency regarding your current collection and is able to produce up to date storage reading lists for the previous three months. Provides a cost-effective storage solution that meet your preservation budget goals.

Ideal standards

A partner that follows all established standards by ANSI and the Research Libraries Group (RLG), maintains recommended temperature and humidity, ensures air quality with the use of HEPA filtration system, employs appropriate fire detection and suppression measures, uses the most desirable storage enclosures, and operates a preservation facility designed specifically to meet production, security, and environmental requirements for microfilm.

Collection management

A partner that provides a full menu of collection management services, from materials preparation to storage and duplication of microfilm reels. Who will work with your approved library partners to create duplicate microfilm reels from your stored collection.  Creates value for your microfilm preservation program by providing low cost reel retrieval for duplication.

Here at Backstage, we understand microfilm because we’ve worked for decades to preserve collections like yours through the creation and storage of microfilm.  We are your trusted vendor who has the ability to accommodate your growing collections to the standards you expect. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet all of your preservation microfilm needs, call us at 1-800-288-1265 or email

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