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2022 Reading Challenges to Keep You Inspired

Enjoy the last of three interest papers this month, this one focusing on popular reading challenges for 2022. These challenges are great motivators to get people reading and they can create a sense of community amongst readers working towards a common goal. We also take some time to shout-out ways our local libraries work hard to help patrons accomplish their reading goals.

If you’re like me, just a little over two weeks ago you may have made the ambitious New Year’s resolution to read more in 2022. However, you’re likely losing steam by now as the average American doesn’t commit to their resolutions past January.

There are many tips to help you move along in your reading journey. Scheduling time on your calendar to read can ensure that it becomes a part of your routine. My favorite bit of advice is to simply stop reading a book that hasn’t caught your interest and move on to the next one so that the act of reading is always something that you look forward to.

One other trick to keep you motivated is to participate in a reading challenge. Selecting a specific challenge will give you a more concrete goal to work towards and, depending on the type of challenge, ideas of what to read. Additionally, many online communities form around these challenges with hashtags, forums, and monthly check-ins to help you share your progress and encourage others.

There are a lot of trends and ideas floating out there on book blogs for 2022 reading challenges. I’ve taken some time to look through them, boil them down, and share with you what I’ll be trying in hopes that it inspires you to take a stab at some of these. As a bonus, I’m also sharing how I’ll be utilizing my local library’s resources and services to help me achieve these goals.

Quantity Challenges

One of the most popular goals is to read 52 books in a year. If you do the math, that’s one book a week, which may be daunting to some but exciting to others. Because this is a high number of books, those promoting this challenge often add suggestions. The 52 Book Club, for example, offers 52 prompts: one for each book.

For those who feel that one book a week is too ambitious, the Reading by the Numbers Challenge suggests that you get to decide how many books you’d like to read for the year.

What I’ll be trying: I know from experience that 52 is not an attainable goal for me, so my personal reading goal is set to 24 books. Deciding what to read next can be tricky, so I’m going to turn to the experts on this one. My library offers a personalized online form that can be filled out and sent to a librarian who will analyze my interests and recommend 3-5 new books to try.

TBR Challenges

Most avid readers have a To Be Read (TBR) list that they can never seem to get to. A TBR challenge is a good way to break through that backlog. The question is how many will you read? The TBR 22 in ’22 Challenge suggests reading 22 books from your list this year. The TBR Challenge 2022 sets a goal of one book per month and offers a theme each month so you can narrow down just what book to read.

What I’ll be trying: My current TBR list is about 20 books long, so to make a small dent in that list, I’ll read one book per month. My personal preference is to not buy books for my home library that I haven’t read or know I enjoy, so I’ve searched my library catalog and their eBook/audiobook apps, and I will be able to borrow most of my TBR books from them.

Bingo Board Challenges

Make reading a game with a Bingo board challenge! There are a variety of different templates out there such as the one by the Modern Gypsy, but the concept of each is the same: follow the prompts in the squares to try to get Bingo or, if you’re up for it, cover the whole square.

What I’ll be trying: I actually learned about these types of challenges from my local library. They are currently running their winter reading program which features a Bingo board. Each Bingo you get gives you one entry in their small prize raffle. Covering the square gives you a shot at winning the grand prize. My goal will be to get at least one Bingo!

Diversity Challenges

Participating in a diversity reading challenge is an excellent way to expand your world view. The 2022 Diversity Reading Challenge hosted by GothicVamperstein shares a list of what is meant by a diversity read. If you’re looking for more structure, the 2022 Diversity Reading Challenge hosted by Celebrity Readers offers monthly prompts.

What I’ll be trying: It’s always my goal to incorporate more diverse authors and characters into my reading list. To help guide me, I’ll be using the book lists provided by my local library to help me chose a book for Native American Heritage Month, Black History Month, and LGBT History Month as well as selecting a book from their general Diversity List. Not only do these lists suggest new titles, but they also instruct where I may obtain the resource whether it be from the main branch library, a partnering library, or an online database.

We hope these ideas help spark your 2022 reading goals back to life and wish you happy reading in the new year! And remember, if you don’t know what to read next or you’re not sure how to get your hands on the book you want there’s always a place you can go: your local library.

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