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Technician Hannah Anderson reviews the digitized image of work she's scanning on a computer screen, holding her place in a book with her free hand.

Our Cameras Go West! Digitization Returns to Provo, UT

The demand for digitization has never been bigger. Following the pandemic, a greater push has been made to make sure documents are accessible in digital repositories, which has, of course, followed an existing trend towards digitization. Last year, we focused on building up our support for such requests. The department has grown with new staff, new managers, new organization, and more time available to fulfill incoming projects.

In 2016, we started a digitization studio in Provo, UT with the intention of making it easier for our western libraries to send materials to our studios. We eventually refocused our effort back into the Bethlehem, PA location, but the demand last year led Backstage to revitalize our digitization studio in Provo for one project in particular.

Kelvin Reynolds, digitization Coordinator in Provo, feels positive about the hard work his team has put in since 2022. “Last year, not only did we finish the large amount of quality assurance work for the big project we were assigned to; we finished early. As the team changes and grows, we hope to increase the number of projects we can bring to the Provo office this year.”

Digitization Technician Hannah Anderson carefully flips pages of an Episcopal bound volume at one of the two 80mp camera stations in Provo, UT.

Kelly Barrall, Vice President of Digitization Services is also “proud of our initiative to replicate Backstage’s digitization services for clients closer to the west coast than to our primary facility in Pennsylvania. Expanding production to our Utah location demonstrates our ability to scale appropriately to meet the enhanced growth trends we are seeing while also maintaining the excellence our clients have come to expect from us. Whether the project is physically captured in Bethlehem or Provo, our clients can and should expect the same high-level of quality and personal approach we guarantee to each and every project we touch.”

The studio exists as a smaller-sized mirror to its Pennsylvania sister location. All the same environmental standards that we maintain in Pennsylvania are true for the Utah location and it sports two 80mp camera setups with room to expand.

If you’d like to learn more about whether your next digitization project can be done closer to home in our Utah studio, please call us at 1.800.288.1265, visit us online at, or send an email to

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