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Sit Down With Gerald Varner in Microfilm

Jerry Varner is a microfilm technician in our Microfilm department in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. In between sessions at camera and coffee breaks, we communicated over e-mail to talk about his thoughts on Microfilming and experiences at Backstage and, formerly, OCLC. J: I’ve been at Backstage for 21 years; I started on March 26th, 2001. A: That […]

Sit Down With Lisa Hardy in Metadata

Lisa Hardy is a cataloger, trainer, and team lead in our Metadata department in Provo, Utah, and I was able to grab a few moments of her time to talk to her about her experiences at Backstage – which goes back to before Backstage was even called Backstage. L: I started in 1993.  Back then, […]

Sit Down With Jeannise Rodriguez in Digitization

I spoke with Jeannise, one of our Digitization Technicians, who works in our camera studio and is regarded as one of our leading camera and material experts. She’s been with Backstage for seventeen years having started in 2005. A: Where did you work before coming to Backstage and to Digitization? J: I worked at Binney […]

Sit Down With Karen Anderson in Automation

I spoke with Karen, our Authority Control Librarian, who works with our metadata and automation departments primarily on authority record editing and creation. She’s been with Backstage for 15 years, previously coming from Brigham Young University’s Lee Library cataloging department. A: What led you to become a librarian, and what eventually led you to take […]

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