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The Catalog Polyglot: Metadata and World Languages

Collections come in all varieties of languages, and, sometimes, in non-Roman character sets. How does a catalog handle Kanji, Cyrillic, Hangul, or Perso-Arabic? Which language goes where? Let’s refresh on the basics for those non-catalogers in our audience. The same principles apply, but become a little more complicated, when we start considering character sets alternate […]

Doxie AI Bringing Distinctive Machine Learning Solutions to Library Collections

Over the last year, the media has tended to lump the term “AI” – that is, artificial intelligence – to mean ‘anything where a computer is going to make me a finished product.’ The news is filled with discussions surrounding programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney: about their efficacy, potential scenarios for application, and the ethics […]

Product Spotlight: LC-CAP/COOP Made Simple, Tailored to Your Library’s Needs

“The LC-Coop workflow we’ve created: it works very well, and it’s well organized. We’ve come up with helpsheets for the project to make cataloging even easier and more accurate. Overall, it’s a smooth process from start to finish.” – Heather Dukes, Metadata Project Manager We’ve written about Backstage’s LC Coop service in the past. Recently, […]

Easier LC Coop Acquisitions with Backstage Processing

A map of the world where continents are superimposed with shelves of colorful books.

Participants in the Cooperative Acquisitions Program (CAP, or ‘LC Coop’) regularly receive print publications from around the world, expanding existing library collections and putting a focus on international acquisitions. These materials, some of which are in non-Roman character sets, need to be catalogued and processed before they can be used within the library, and members […]

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