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Automation Services

Having too many choices can be overwhelming. Our profiles and wikis will guide you in making decisions about how to manage your data, while we personally walk you through the process wherever you’d like our help.

Our data processing services center on enriching your records. Whether we’re updating headings to their current forms (authority control), finding more complete records or fields (record upgrades), changing the call number schema (reclassification), or merging multiple records that describe the same materials (deduplication), we’re making your data better in ways that enhance access to your collections.

Identities Management

Authority Control

Authority control compares subject and name headings in your records against databases maintained by the Library of Congress and other authoritative sources. Our service standardizes your access points and cross-references them with synonyms and pseudonyms, creating a more complete web of access to your collections.

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RDA, URI, TOC, etc.

Record Enrichment

Libraries are constantly changing. Records can always be improved upon. While you continue to add, create, and define new ways to serve your patrons, our record enrichment services make it easier for them to access the content of your collections.


DEI Initiative Support

More libraries are making the decision to alter their local authority file to speed up eventual changes to problematic terms in the LCSH. The conversation began with the community’s push towards “Undocumented immigrants” and was quickly followed by “Indigenous peoples” as alternatives to their existing variants. This conversation continues today with a growing, living list of over 3,700 Indigenous specific headings that Backstage can convert. Conversations are beginning to branch into how to handle current LCSH terminology for Asian literature, Children with behavioral problems, Enslaved people, Impoverished people, and the list continues to grow!

Further enhancement is available with our crosswalk developed between LCSH and the more precise Homosaurus to provide better discovery using LGBTQ friendly terminology. Our spreadsheets are customizable with options to alter your authority file based on our recommendations, or according to your institution’s own selection. 

Reduce Data Redundancy


Duplication is a fact of life in large databases. Whether you’re combining separate collections in your library system, adding a new institution to your consortium, or simply dealing with duplication in records from vendors and other sources over the years, a deduplication process can significantly streamline your catalog.
Programmatically deleting records from your catalog would make anyone uneasy. Before we start removing duplicate records, we run sample data as many times as it takes to be sure that the process is giving you the results you want. We give you easy-to-read spreadsheets and HTML reports with side-by-side comparisons. We identify near matches to aid in refining the matching process and to allow for manual corrections where the automation can’t reliably verify a duplicate record.

Batch Processing Done Right

Copy Cataloging and Record Upgrades

Brief acquisition records, CIP and other publisher records, order records, and spreadsheets may be inadequate sources of bibliographic data for your catalog, but they can be the perfect starting point for retrieving a full-featured copy record. You may also have full MARC records that lack elements you prefer to have in your catalog, like additional subject headings, non-Roman fields, or call numbers that match your classification system.

With your new records, you’ll receive side-by-side reports that show which fields were used to find and validate matching data or which fields were merged into your existing record.

As with all of our automation processes, the settings are up to you. We’re happy to work through as many sample rounds as it takes to ensure that you’re happy with your new records.

Expert Programming Done Right

Custom Data Processing

Perhaps your project involves altering data in a way that doesn’t fit standard processing models. Whether you’re an old pro at scripts, macros, database queries, and programming or you have never thought about the possibilities of manipulating data in large batches, we have the tools and expertise to help.

Our expert programmers have created ways to massage data from one XML schema into another. We’ve parsed and split record data for catalogs with millions of items. We’ve altered records to fit local practices in cutting-edge experimental catalogs. If there’s something you’re not quite sure how to handle, give us a call. We’ll guide you in the right direction and provide you with a solution tailored to your unique needs.

Custom Data Programming

Track Your Items


Large labeling or relabeling projects go more quickly when the label data is organized to print in the logical order that best fits your plan. Whether you’re processing a large donation of materials, automating a collection for the first time, or reclassifying your library, the right label order can make all the difference.

Spine labels, smart or dumb barcodes, whatever you require, our automation team will work with you to format the labels just the way you want them. We’ll review PDF proofs with you and make certain that everything is in order before transferring the data to our trusted printing partner for final production.

We can also apply labels for you. Cataloging projects can be paired with shelf-ready processing, and large collections can even be packed and shipped to you in shelflist order. Our Collection Management specialists can also travel to your location to relabel, interleave, reshelve, and more as your project requires.

Automation Services


The best way to know what you’re getting is to see it for yourself. Send us a sample set if your records and we’ll produce a sample for you at no cost/with no obligation.

Send us a sample of your records so we can produce a sample of how our system will handle your collections.

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