RFID Tagging On-Site RFID Tagging

Got People?

More patrons are coming to your library than ever. No problem! That's what you want.

And you have a solution to be more efficient with your resources. You're installing a state-of-the-art RFID system. Wonderful! This will save all kinds of time and hassle.

But wait...

Tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of tags need to be applied to your collection. And this system is supposed to free up your staff so they can help more patrons? How does that work?

Maybe you could bring in volunteers or call the local temp agency to add a few more bodies to your tag team. Then you can train them. And quality-check their work to make sure it's being done right. Now managing the process is taking all of your time.

Or you could call in a team with more than two decades of experience serving libraries just like yours.

Your Backstage Crew to the Rescue

Backstage Library Works has been going on-site to help libraries complete projects on time and on budget for years.

From scanning catalog cards for retrospective conversion, to reclassifying, relabeling and moving entire collections, to placing and scanning RFID tags so a library can see the return-on-investment that the technology promised sooner, we have the project management expertise your situation demands.

For one of our larger RFID projects, our on-site crews worked their way through a 35-branch system to complete the conversion of 1.6 million items, all without requiring the library to close up shop or reassign its staff to accommodate the tagging.

So, as you're planning out that RFID conversion, give us a jingle. Our reps can help you to nail down costs and timelines, arming you with the numbers you need to make an informed decision. We can also provide you a list of references from clients with similar projects.

And don't forget to include a bid for labeling services in your RFP. We can handle tags and hardware from any RFID supplier. We're probably already working with the same vendors that you are.

Ready for more information? Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.