Retrospective Conversion

If it's not in your electronic catalog, it's not in your library.

Retrospective Conversion

Whether you need complete conversion, or you just have small pockets of unconverted materials lingering in your library, Backstage Library Works can provide high-quality bibliographic records for your catalog.

We have worked for libraries all over the world, loading records onto all major automation systems. We've converted collections for academic, public, special, and school libraries, from nearly every type of source document, in over 100 languages, including non-Roman scripts.

We also provide on-site card scanning for catalogs too valuable to leave your premises, and can process basic conversion from title/verso pages if no cards are available.

Backstage has access to high-quality records from a huge variety of sources. We can use any combination of these databases to provide the best outcome for your project.

We also maintain our own database of seven million Library of Congress records, three million records converted from various academic and government sources — predating the LC database — and one million original records created by Backstage Library Works during various conversion projects.

Additionally, we can provide records from the Research Libraries UK (RLUK) database and from OCLC WorldCat. If you'd like us to use your own database, or that of a consortium to which you belong, no problem. We can do that, too.

Converting from Brief Records or Spreadsheets

Backstage Library Works provides records in MARC21, UKMARC, UNIMARC, or any other format your library needs. In addition, we can perform conversions between MARC formats.

Some of our clients have acquisition records, order records, or vendor records that can be submitted for an automated match against databases that contain full MARC cataloging, such as the Library of Congress catalog, the Research Libraries UK (RLUK) database, or OCLC WorldCat.

Send us a sample of your data — whether brief MARC records, text files, spreadsheets, or some other format — and we'll prepare a quote for returning full MARC records, ready to load into your system.

Need to retain your local fields or system-specific tags? Not a problem. We can integrate any of your data into the matched record.

EXTRAS: Authority Control

Bibliographic access points are a constantly moving target. Even the biggest and best databases can have changes over time. Before delivering your converted records, Backstage can provide authority control to ensure all names, series and subjects are represented in their most current authorized forms.

EXTRAS: Barcodes/Spine Labels

The final touch for your conversion project might be the printing of spine labels or smart barcodes pre-linked to the converted records. We create an item record for each copy of every item in your collection and assign it a unique barcode number. These numbers are then printed on barcode labels, in shelf order, to facilitate labeling.

Need help applying the labels? Not to worry, our on-site services team can help, nailing down costs and timelines, ensuring that your project comes in on time and under budget.

To explore your project with a Backstage representative or to request a price quote, call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.