RFID Tagging High-Density Print Storage

Your library needs more space. Space for individual and collaborative study, space for technology, space for the new books that your patrons want. But you also want to responsibly manage the existing print and media collections that your library has acquired and cataloged over the decades, perhaps centuries, of its history.

High-density print storage facilities are designed to free up space in a library by housing low-use materials off-site, but near enough for occasional circulation.

According to an oft-cited 2010 study by Paul Courant and Matthew Nielsen, this efficient use of low-cost space reduces the annual expense to shelve a book from $4.26 in a library to less than $1.00 in a high-density print archive.

Moving Mountains

Maybe you've considered archiving low-circulation print materials at a local storage facility, but a venture of that scale is just not in the stars. There are capital budgets involved, real estate, specialized environmental control systems, software and people and processes.

Then you have the logistics of operating the place, training and maintaining staff, managing courier services, getting a book out of storage and into a patron's hands fast enough for a digital native's attention span.

If you're sharing a facility with other institutions, it gets even more complicated. Who's in charge? Which institution is responsible for what functions? Should you consolidate and deduplicate your combined collections, or do they need to be kept separate?

None of the tasks required is unmanageable. The problem lies in getting so many people, organizations, and budgets on the same page. It's just hard to get the project moving. The inertia can be overwhelming.

But what if you didn't have to start by building a repository? What if you could find a partner to manage your high-density print storage as a service, rather than a capital investment? What if you could have someone else handle the big hurdles, letting you focus on getting the details right for your library's collections?

Your Backstage Repository

Backstage Library Works has been handling, cataloging, tracking, and storing valuable library materials since 1987.

Our preservation studios have long included secure storage and inventory management systems for client materials and a vault dedicated to long-term storage at a controlled temperature and humidity level. 

Our on-site teams have an exemplary track record for maintaining access to library collections during reclassification and RFID conversion projects. 

And now we've developed solutions to operate a high-density print repository for well under $1.00 per volume.

We'd like to partner with you to establish and manage a facility for your institution's print repository. Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Build or remodel a suitable structure to house a secure, environmentally-controlled storage and processing warehouse.

  • Manage staffing at the repository.

  • Deliver materials to your central or branch libraries with a short turnaround time.

  • Coordinate ILL or shared circulation between partner institutions.

  • Consolidate and deduplicate collections, according to your shared repository plan.

  • Offer additional services from the storage site, including collection analysis, deaccessioning, digitization and electronic document delivery, cataloging and physical processing, and other metadata or preservation services as needed.

So, how would a high-density print repository change your library? Tell us about your vision and where you might need some help to make that dream a reality. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.