Data Reclassification

Reclassifying your catalog involves ensuring that a valid classmark in the new class scheme is present in all appropriate bibliographic and item records. We do this in two steps:

  1. Automated search for matching titles with the desired classmark,
    including validation of imported classmarks
  2. Manual assignment of the appropriate classmark

Let the Machine Do What it Does Best

Automated searching can be an inexpensive and fast way to populate the bibliographic records with classmarks. In many cases, your records may already contain the classification you need. In addition, we have access to data from the Library of Congress, OCLC WorldCat®, and RLUK for classmark searching. We also run custom validation programs to ensure that obsolete or invalid classmarks are not used.

Reclassifying by Hand

In cases where a classmark can't be obtained through automated means, our catalogers search for matches that the software routines missed, assigning classmarks and handling special cuttering instructions.

Finishing Touches

When all of your records contain the required classmark, the full database is analyzed for duplication and accuracy. In the final steps, classmarks are moved to the appropriate item fields and a data file is prepared for printing new spine labels.

Now you're ready for the physical reclassification process.

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