Reclassification can be a huge task.

A Backstage crew member moving books for a reclassification project at Duke University.

Or a simple phone call.

Sometimes the classification scheme originally implemented at your library needs to be changed. Maybe you're looking at accreditation, considering the higher cost of cataloging in your existing system, or unifying your collections under a single classification model. Whatever the impetus for change, Backstage can help.

Backstage Library Works provides reclassification services to libraries moving from one classification to another.

Most often, we find libraries moving from Dewey Decimal or local classification systems into Library of Congress classification. However, we can also help if you're adopting or upgrading to a newer version of Dewey.

Whatever the classification system, we look at reclassification in two stages:

Find out what we can do for your reclassification project. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.