Count of AACR2 records enriched with RDA elements Over 100 Million Library
Records Enriched for RDA

Ready or not, RDA is here.

Resource Description and Access (RDA) promises to make library collections more connected, more visible to a worldwide audience.

The FRBR model for bibliographic records and the FRAD model for authority data allow relationship linking in a way that wasn't even on the radar when AACR2 rules were created.

Love it or hate it, change is on the way. Since March 31, 2013, the Library of Congress is only producing RDA records.

But where does a library like yours begin?

Perhaps we can help.


Backstage Library Works was an official test partner in the Library of Congress RDA pilot program. Working with the US National Libraries RDA Test Coordinating Committee, we've been exploring how the nuts and bolts of RDA fit together since 2009.

Whether you're experimenting with RDA workflows, adapting RDA data from copy cataloging to fit your institution's transitional preferences, or creating original catalog records with RDA rules, we have the right tools to assemble or reassemble your records the way you want.

Our current RDA offerings include:

  • Full-service cataloging
  • RDA-ready authority control
  • RDA enrichment for AACR2 records (PDFBrowse the planning guide.)
  • Validation and enrichment for existing RDA records
  • Rich GMD to CMC mapping
  • Custom programming and data processing


We're as deep into the new rules as anybody, but this is still uncharted territory. We want to be here with solutions to the real issues that librarians like you face as RDA comes online at your library.

So, please, let us know what you're thinking about RDA. What do you plan to do? Or not do? What do you wish you could do?

What are you hearing from your ILS vendor? What do you want to see from your service providers?

Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.