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Discovery for Micro-Publications and Niche Collections

Zines create a fleeting snapshot of culture, often with a tight focus on a specific time, place, and like-minded community. Libraries are increasingly curating zine collections for circulation to readers and to preserve as history. However, the non-traditional nature of these publications raises practical questions for how to manage them in a discovery environment.

In this webcast, guest presenter Nicole Lewis explores zine collections from a bibliographic standpoint. She covers decisions to be made in cataloging zine collections, MARC fields that merit particular attention, and useful online resources from libraries and the zine community.

Nicole Lewis is the lead cataloger at the University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library. She is responsible for coordinating cataloging workflows, LMS system administration for cataloging and acquisitions, and she performs cataloging for zines and a variety of other materials. Prior to her current position, Nicole worked at Backstage Library Works for a number of years, most recently as vice president of metadata services.

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