Library Reclassification

for Mountain Climbers

If you're naturally inclined to push the limits of the possible, you might be a mountaineer...or a librarian.

To reclassify a library is to take on a monumental challenge. Every item in your collection is assigned a new call number. Spine labels are printed in some logical and labour-efficient order, and a new label is affixed to each book and media case. An elaborate sequence of moves is mapped out, and tens or hundreds of thousands of items are shuffled and shifted to wrangle the collection into its new shelving order.

You'll need vision, focus, and fearlessness.

A bit of perspective from someone who has done it before might help, too.

In this webinar, recorded September 19, 2018, John Reese, vice president of on-site services, and Thomas Forsythe, client support manager and former on-site project manager, explain how Backstage Library Works makes a reclassification plan, assembles and equips a team, and divides the on-site, physical process into manageable stages. They share insights and anecdotes from Backstage projects in reclassifying, relabeling, and shifting millions of volumes.

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