Inventory Services

Is it time to conduct that long-overdue inventory count? Backstage can send a team to your library to check your physical holdings against your catalog database.

Sure, reconciling your catalog with what's actually on the shelves is a good idea every now and then, but who has the time? Our on-site crews can quickly and methodically move through the stacks, scanning labels and taking stock of your collection.

To account for your holdings, we prepare a series of reports that allow you to compare your library’s records with the physical reality.

Categories identified in these reports include:

  • Items in place
  • Items in the catalog, but missing from the collection
  • Items on shelves, but missing from the catalog
  • Items with incorrect or damaged labels
  • Damaged items
  • Items listed for deselection
  • Items selected for off-site storage

For each category, our crews can be instructed to leave the items on the shelf or to place them on a cart, flagged for additional attention.

We're experts at sorting, classifying, and cleaning up library databases, so we're happy to work with you to identify additional categories and to generate custom reports for your inventory project, according to whatever criteria you find useful.

If our technicians will already be on-site, applying RFID tags or reclassifying your holdings — that is, systematically handling every item in your collection — the additional effort to verify your inventory is minimal, so your cost drops dramatically.

Just ask your rep for a quote to add inventory services to your project.

Pre-Automation Inventory

In a library or collection where electronic catalog records and barcode labels are scarce, an inventory can serve as a preliminary step in a retrospective conversion or cataloging effort. For this type of inventory project, your Backstage crew captures basic information on every item. This data can later be compared with a converted or newly created catalog, to ensure that each item physically present has a descriptive record in the bibliographic database.

Are you ready to get a clear picture of your collection? Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.