Age. Low circulation. Damage. Whatever your reason for retiring a book, Backstage can make the weeding process faster and easier.

Light Weeding

During an on-site project that requires our technicians to handle each item on a shelf, Backstage provides nominal weeding services for obviously worn or damaged items at no additional cost. This level of weeding typically deselects 1 to 2 percent of a collection.

For this procedure, we identify and set aside:

  • Books with torn or damaged covers, loose pages or broken spines, or pest damage
  • Audio-visual materials with broken cases
  • Items that are excessively soiled, water-damaged, or moldy

Heavy Weeding

Backstage also offers further deselection options. These services can be added to a labeling bid or managed as a standalone project. Target items might include:

  • Damaged materials
  • Old materials
  • Low-circulation materials
  • Duplicate copies of old or low-circulation materials
  • Items flagged for removal to a storage facility
  • Other targeted items, as specified


Backstage can coordinate deselection efforts with a library recycler who will ship discards to its warehouses, sell the books, and return a portion of the proceeds to your library. We can work with your preferred vendor or connect you with some of our partners.

Are you ready to free up some shelf space? Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.