ILS Data Migration

Is there a migration in your library's future?

Has your ILS vendor discontinued support for your system? Are you just ready for a change?

Maybe you're considering an open-source solution. Or perhaps you're pooling resources with a network or consortium.

No, we're not trying to sell you an ILS. Backstage is pleased to offer system migration assistance to libraries switching from one ILS to another.

Planning a Migration

Birds and whales might handle migration by instinct. But for catalogs and other databases, a solid plan is the key to a successful project.

With Backstage, the first step is to process your exported data to prepare it for a clean transition to your new system. When combining data from multiple sources into a single catalog, this data cleanup process may include deduplication and standardization.

We also offer bibliographic record enhancement — using our automated cataloging processes — and authority data cleanup as optional services.

Once your data is deduped, merged, and cleaned, our migration experts work with your institution to prepare the data for system migration.

We'll help you profile your new ILS and map your existing bibliographic, authority, patron, and transaction records for import.

Once profiling and mapping is complete, your data will be ready to transfer to the new system. At this point, our data migration experts work with your new ILS vendor to import the data.

Most importantly, we'll be here for you through the entire data migration process, working to make certain that all data that can be migrated into your new system is available when you go live.

So tell us about your plans. Call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.