Cataloging backlog

On-Site Materials Preparation

Backstage can send a team to your library to capture key information and prepare your items for cataloging and physical processing.

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Maybe you're dealing with a backlog that has been building up for years, with no end in sight. You might have acquired a large block of books all at once, through a donation or consolidation. Or perhaps your library has a collection that has never been automated, hiding away in some dark corner.

You know that Backstage can help you with cataloging and physical processing, to get those materials into your database and onto your shelves.

But you still have to prepare the collection for the project. You have to to pack your backlog for shipment or prepare surrogate images by scanning key pages from each book. Who has the time for that?

We do.

If preparing your materials for cataloging is preventing your project from moving forward, Backstage can send an on-site team to your library to expedite the process.

Cataloging Surrogates

Backstage can bring in equipment and personnel to capture the images we'll need to create your bibliographic records. Depending on the level of cataloging, the depth of subject analysis, and the granularity of detail that you'd like to see in your records, these digital surrogates might include:

  • Title page and verso
  • Covers and jacket flaps
  • Table of contents, bibliography, or index
  • A few pages from the beginning and end of the work

Pack and Ship

If you need us to physically process the collection, we can still come on-site to pack the materials for shipment to a Backstage facility.

Once your materials are at Backstage, our catalogers can create MARC records with the items in hand, and our processing staff can prepare your books and media according to your institution's customized profile — inserting security strips, fitting jacket covers, and applying stamps and labels just the way you want them.

If you're located close to a Backstage office, we can even arrange for our van to pick up and deliver your materials.

To discuss the details of your project or to request pricing information, call us at 1-800-288-1265 or drop us a note.