Digitization Technician on-site at Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana

Opening: Full time employment position for a Digitization Technician on-site at University of Indiana Bloomington.

Temporary position estimated to last between 9-10 months starting mid-April 2018
Part-time position: 7 hour days, minus 1 hour unpaid lunch, 30 hours per week.
This is a first shift position during library hours approximately 9:00AM to 4:00 PM
Must be able to travel to the Bethlehem PA office for two week training period in March/early April 2018


The digital tech will be responsible for performing digital imaging. In addition the position will involve receiving batches of material from Library personnel, logging these batches, scanning on a high-end digital planetary camera system. This person will perform daily routines to do image review, copy & back-up data, communicate production statistics to the Bethlehem PA office and ship digital data on hard drives. This is expected to be an independent position that will report to a Project Manager in the Bethlehem PA facility. Selected applicant must be able to travel to Bethlehem, PA for two week of mandatory, paid training.

Required skills

    • Ability to work independent with some past supervisory experience a plus
    • Experience in photography, digital imaging or graphic arts
    • Need to handle fragile materials without causing damage
    • Work independently in a fast pace production environment while meeting daily production levels
    • Maintaining consistent high quality levels
    • Perform inspection of digital images
    • Perform minor modifications to images such as cropping, rotating, and padding
    • Must be able to type accurately in order to capture metadata and record information in spreadsheet or appropriate database.
    • Must be able to use Windows & Mac OS & Microsoft Office Suite
    • Navigate a digital server environment
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Represent Backstage Library Works in a professional manner
    • Proven dependability
    • Ability to train another technician on site if applicable
    • Problem-solving and ability to follow written and verbal instructions with little to no supervision
    • Willingness to work flexible/overtime hours as required and ability to work as part of a team.
    • Will need to perform equipment maintenance with remote assistance from the Bethlehem Technical Services group.
    • Willingness and ability to travel to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Desirable but not required

    • Experience with Adobe Photoshop or other imaging software
    • College degree or certificate

Pay range: $13.50-$14.50/hour

This position is expected to last for 9-10 months est. starting mid-April 2018 through January 2019, non-exempt position including eight paid holidays per year.
If interested please send resume to apply@bslw.com