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May 3, 2018

Microfilm Darkroom Technician

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • Full time employment position for a Microfilm Darkroom Technician at Backstage Library Works in Bethlehem, Pa.
  • Middle Shift or 2nd Shift position available.
  • 8.5 hour days, minus 30-minute unpaid lunch, 40 hours per week.
  • Hours are flexible.
  • Extensive 90-day probation and training period with structured production goals.


  • Perform daily testing to ensure processor is scratch-free and chemistry is correct.
  • Process Archival Master film.
  • Cut-down and inspect Service Copies according to individual job specifications.
  • Duplicate and process negative and positive copies of microfilm.
  • Cut-down and inspect duplicates in accordance with established preservation guidelines.
  • Creating and proofing microfilm box labels.
  • Methylene blue testing.
  • Running scratch tests when needed.
  • Technical inspection of master negative and duplicate films.
  • Recording accurate background density readings using a transmission densitometer. Examine the pattern of each reel using a microscope.
  • Ensuring the film meets RLG and in-house guidelines.
  • Follows written project instructions and specifications in order to assure preservation quality microfilm.
  • Meets or exceeds in-house weekly and monthly production and attendance requirements.
  • Participates in client and group tours of the facility.


  • College Degree, certificate, or two years film production or preservation/reformatting/darkroom experience.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Able to work with rare and fragile materials in a production environment.
  • Able to work in a team environment and have good communication skills.
  • Able to maintain a production rate as stated in the standards manual.
  • Ability to learn or have minimum computer skills.
  • Work productively and independently while meeting daily production levels.
  • Learn new skills quickly and thoroughly.
  • Problem-solving and ability to follow written and verbal instructions with little supervision.
  • Ability to work flexible/overtime hours on occasion.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and transportation.


  • Microfilm/darkroom and/or reformatting experience.

Additional Details:

  • Applicants must pass a written general knowledge test.
  • A background check and drug screen will be part of the hiring process.
  • This is a non-exempt, fully benefited position including eight paid holidays per year, twelve PTO days per, major medical/dental/vision insurance, tuition reimbursement, and 401k retirement with employer match.


  • Please submit a cover letter and resume via email to by close of business, Friday, May 11, 2018.