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Engineered to be comprehensive and flexible, our data processing systems give you freedom to choose how to manage your records.

If you’re concerned that transitioning to a new authority control partner means losing control of your database, it’s time to take another look.

Online Profiles and Wiki

Customization and flexibility are the hallmarks of Backstage authority control. While we can show you the most commonly selected processing options, we encourage you to take the wheel and decide what settings work best for your catalog.

Profiles for authority control and RDA enrichment are available online, and you can change your settings at any time, fine-tuning as we run sample batches, work through your basefile, and set up ongoing workflows. Some libraries even have multiple profiles, processing electronic resources or archival collections differently than the main collection.

Each profile question links to our Wiki, where you can find in-depth explanations and details on the logic behind our processing options.

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Keep Your Workflows... or Not

Our authority control process allows you to maintain the efficiency of established practices at your library. Additionally, we can tailor your processing to preserve local headings in your catalog and introduce new ways to streamline your operations and help you accomplish your metadata management goals.

If you’ve been using LTI’s AEX and AUP services, you don’t have to change your workflows. Backstage can provide the same core services.

Our MAX Current Cataloging process is a completely automated way of processing any new bibliographic records you add to your catalog. We simply send back the corresponding authority records.

Our Bibliographic Update Service will update both your bibliographic and authority files based on the latest versions of the national authority files.

Or, if you prefer to just receive the authority changes, ask us about our Authority Notification service.


Any automated routine that matches records against an outside data source can benefit from simple checks to validate and clean up relevant fields.

We verify each record’s structure, certifying that key elements are present and correctly formatted, that terminators and delimiters are in place, and that the content follows current standards. We can update, add, and delete fields according to established rules and tailor that process to match your local practices.

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Record Enrichment

Our automated RDA enrichment service can update the content of your records to match current RDA practices, map key data from old to new fields, and pull GMD content and other data points to properly designate CMC fields.

In addition to applying RDA rules, we can enhance your records with data points from outside sources.

Enrichment options include:

  • RDA Elements
  • Tables of Contents
  • Fiction Profiles
  • Lexile Measures
  • Accelerated Reader Levels
  • Linked Data URIs

Sample, Sample, Sample

Whether you know what settings you want or you’re just trying to figure everything out, be sure to run a sample batch of records. Dig up some of your more difficult data. Give us the diacritics and your full range of material formats. All samples are free of charge, even if we run a dozen test batches. We want you to be sure your settings are exactly where you want them.


Comprehensive Reporting

Detailed reports are always free and help you to understand and track the changes made to your authority records while identifying inconsistencies in your data that may prevent some headings from matching up with current authorized forms. The end result is a cleaner, more usable catalog for your staff and patrons.

Let's start exploring your authority control options.

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